WebThings Gateway

Smart home software that takes privacy seriously.

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Protect your loved ones

You shouldn't feel watched in your own home. WebThings Gateway is smart home software offers all the usual conveniences while keeping your data in your own home.

The WebThings Gateway easy to use
Fully cloudless voice control

Local voice control

Enjoy fully local voice control to turn on your lights, ask what the temperature is, or set reminders.

Create helpful automations


With the easy to use Rules system you can let your things react to you, each other, or a schedule.

Keeps track of your data


With the help of data logs you may discover patterns. It can helo you achieve long term goals, such as lowering your electricity use.

The code is open source, making it easy to audit.


WebThings Gateway is open source. This means you can be sure that your data is not sent anywhere or analysed in any way!

We shouldn't have to choose between privacy and convenience